Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tazz Milano's "C L O U D S" review

Tazz Milano released a full pack collection of master tracks. This was pure dope, from begging to end. After listening to this you will be motivated to complete all kind of task. I was amazed as I listened to all 18 tracks. I enjoy his ability to be flexible to all kind of sounds. This guy really knows how to work his vocals, and you will be focued to Track 12- "Ballerina".

I never heard of Tazz Milano before. Not to get him confused with Maxx Milano, they have two completely different sounds. Never the less he is supurb on every beat. It's doesn't matter if there is a fast pace club beat, or a chill calm relaxing beat, he is gonna make you tap your feet. This was a spectacular work and you will agree when you hear Track 07- "LAX".

Usually I don't bother to listen to long mixtapes like this, but I made an exception for this one. I was captured at the very start. When an artist create a work this good, it's easy take the time to hear them out. I had it playing as I was taking care of alot of business, and this work had me completing every task with every track. Once I finished I took advice from him in Track 16- "Sky". 

I highly suggest everyone gives this artist a chance. You are guaranteed to be a lifetime fan after you play this. If you just need to zone out and clear your head, then this is what you should be playing when you take off. Life is hard, and we all gotta work to get what we need, and you will believe when you play Track 18- "PBTO" ft. Malika Kmari.

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