Saturday, March 5, 2016

Maxx Milano's "Medicated" review

All HEAL YEAH!!! Ya boi Maxx Milano done did it again and dropped another diamond. This is another gem for all yall to gather. He is a well crafted lyricist, and will have you hustling and grinding all the way to the end. This is another pleasantly short release with only 5 track, but that guarantees none of them is whack. You definitely appreciate this snack when you hear Track 04- "Bankroll Anthem".

What I really like, there is not much special about his rap style. He keeps it simple but is saying only real truths. Everything is patterned the same, but it flows nice on every beat. That's the best way to be, because some artist always trying to change. Nothing wrong with staying the same like in Track 02- "Like Me" prod. Sledgren.

Also, I really enjoy that Maxx is consistent. I remember when I first heard his last mixtape "Lano Rondo" and I was amazed at his style. He is pretty amazing without using any voice enhancers or autotunes. He is evidence that you can just say what's real and make magical deals. You know everything will be sealed like in Track 05- "Win" prod. KID.

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