Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spud Mack's "Out The Mud" review

Spud Mack did his thang, and put it all out on this one. He really strived to make sure that he survived. This work really showed that he will thrive. He teamed up with Bigga Rankin to rack up and stay alive. I was reeled in by his renascent rhymes, and he really give you a proper perspective on what it means to be revived. When you play this you will not die with Track 10- "Die Slow" ft. Cassidy; prod. 808 Mafia.

I don't know much about Spud Mack, other than reading his bio on the mixtape info. He went to prison, and came out on top with this one. You gotta do what you gotta do to make it happen. This piece was just a slice of what he is really doing. As I listened to this, I was inspired and motivated not to retire. He goona keep going till he make the top like in Track 04- "Millions Bih" prod. Vinay.

This was a nice piece to listen to. I just randomly found it browsing. As I listened, I could tell that he was serious about his craft, and I had to keep listening. This creole can create some tracks that will touch your soul. If you not vibing with this, then you just not on his level. Gotta keep hustling to stay healthy, and stay healed up is way more important than trying to be wealthy. You will know how it goes when you hear Track 07- "Trafficking" prod. Tritty.

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