Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Migos' "Back To The Bando" review

Alright now, yall know ya boys gonna come in strong on every work they release. It's been a minuet since I last heard on they dabs. SWAG!!! Well not really, I wrote a review of their last album "Young Rich Nation" but I waited a whiles. Personally, I think this work is a lil better, but they get back to the basics by coming out with premiere tracks for everyone to slang, and you will when you hear Track 08- "Slanging" prod. Zaytoven.

What I really like is they don't sway from their roots. They know what made them famous, and they continue to come out with the same magical tracks as usual. I mean really, I don't understand how anybody out there could possible hate on these guys. I can understand that you can't please everyone, but most folk is dabbing to what they be swaggin. Woo! Yall know what I mean when you hear Track 12- "Pamela" prod. Zaytoven.

I don't understand why so many people say they don't like them. Their reason is everything they makes sounds the same. Well what do you expect? What you want them to come out with a country album? Naw dat wouldn't swag. These young rich niggards are not stupid, and they would be outside their mind to change anything. Just stick to what you know and you are sure to glow, and you will know after you hear Track 02- "Back To The Bando" prod. Zaytoven.

Let me say, when I wrote my review on "Young Rich Nation", I had no clue that Offset was locked up. I'm not sure if he is still now, but it would suck if he was. Everybody was so happy when he was released. It doesn't make sense, because it is reported that they found him with guns. He is rich and has plenty of body guards and they carry all the weapons.  I wouldn't doubt it if that was a set up, and he didn't have anything on him at all. See, there is alot of people that hate it that these brothers are getting legit rich. They will do anything to stop their success, because young black men are not suppose to be rich. We suppose to be dead by the age of 20, or locked up. A free black man is poison to society, and a rich one is even more chaotic. That's because we are our own source of wealth, and we don't have to ask like in Track 09- "Asking For Money" prod. Zaytoven.

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