Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kidd Jay "The Trenchez" review

Aright now, it's time I got back to doing reviews for new hot artist, that got what it takes to make it big. Kid Jay came in this mixtape well prepped and masterly tuned. Although it was a little lengthy, I swagged it and enjoyed it from beginning to end. You are sure to tune in to Track 04- "To Da Money" ft. Savage Beezy & Champ; prod. NickEBeats.

I found this mixtape by my brother. He was listening to some tracks on YouTube and Jay started playing. I was immediately enamored, because he has a nice Migos dab to his flow. I wouldn't be surprised if he freestyled most of his tracks. This was wonderful lyrics from begging to end. The track that totally got my attention was Track 18- "Rapper Weed" prod. Street Empire.

Now I always gotta be 100, I was kind of annoyed by those long ass intros before the track played. Also, 18 tracks is way to many for a newbie artist. Most people are not gonna bother to listen to all of them, but I'm a blogger and this is my profession. I take this very serious and listen to every track. Just get straight to spittin da hot fire on those tracks, and everything will swag like in Track 13- "Rockin" prod. TheBeatPlug.

I know lately I have been writing alot of reviews on the big name artist, but that is mainly due to nobody requesting reviews. All you gotta do is email me at or snapchat greatfrank87. I appreciate all artist, and it's nice to catch them early and watch them grow over the years. All you gotta do is be original and keep going, and the sky is the limit. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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