Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lupe Fiasco's "Pharoah Height" review

Ya boi Lupe comes in with a strong cerebral swag for all da geeks and freaks, to make us think. It's a lot of artist who are scared to go dis deep. They know that speaking da truth could harm their reputation possibly. Lupe don't care, and you better pay attention to what he spittin in Track 06- "Schemes".

Now let me say, this is a piece that you gotta pay attention to. You gotta really open ya mind to these logistical lyrics. This not some mixtape that is just raw because the beats. This work is for a true intellect, not a fool in da streets. You will be convinced when you hear Track 02- " Valleys".

A lot of us know that we are royalty. There are some black folk that lower themselves because of what they do and how they live. Constantly lying and doing people bogus is not a proper way to live. It's all about how much you give. It's not right to just blow someone off, with no consideration for others feelings. Only a stupid fool would not believe in karma, because it is real as can be. Is best to stay on your king shit like in Track 04- " Kings".

I have been listening to ya boi for years now. Not often that he comes out with a free mixtape ,because he has a large fanbase that would be happy to purchase any of his albums. Even my uncle bought his album and he 50. Truth just can't be dismissed or denied. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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