Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gucci Mane "King Gucci" review

What ya know about ya boi Gucci Mane coming in whiles locked up. That's because he is a real hustler, and is able to continuously feed his fans even when he is locked up. I heard that he was suppose to be getting out soon, but that was just rumors. It's all good because he gonna have you busting and lusting when you hear Track 06- "Put Some Wood In Her" prod. FKI.

I really hate that Gucci is still locked up and wont be out until December 2016. That is what happens when you live the street life and you about that no swag. I mean, it's alright to be street, but there is no reason just to be bogus. It's alot of people who have no morals and will do anything just for petty cash. Gucci is really spitting some truth on Track 09- "I Hate Hoes" ft. Lil Flash; prod. DJ Plugg.

Even though Gucci is still locked up, his word still supreme among the land. It's damn near impossible not to be a fan. Of course, everything is not for everybody, but if you a real nigg then you will naturally vibe to all his swag. Even a Justin Bieber fan will love Guwop's squad, and you will also when you hear Track 05- "Ice Cream" ft. Migos; prod. Zaytoven.

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