Sunday, September 6, 2015

21 Savage "Free Guwop" review

21 Savage comes in with some straight hood shit, for all the young gunnas to bang to. The street life isn't pretty by any means, and when you hear this mixtape there is no doubt that 21 gives a proper illustration to what everything is about. It can be hard to leave that life alone, and you will know why when you hear Track 03- "One Foot" prod. Sonny Digital.

Truthfully, I originally downloaded this mixtape because I thought it was Gucci Mane's work because Guwop is in the title. Once I started listening to him I was captured by his ferociously barbaric lyrics, and his gruff harsh sounding voice really gels with what he has to say. You will know what's swaggin when you hear Track 05- "Red Opps" prod. Sonny Digital.

Let it be known that I am NOT a proponent of violence. I don't know where 21 Savage is from, but here in Chiraq it's pretty popular to live the savage life. It's mainly due to the music and an unbroken cycle of dejection and misery for black people. I watch DJ Akademiks Youtube videos, and I like how he breaks down the facts to all this wretchedness. You just gotta understand, that lifestyle eventually leads to prison. So many artist I have wrote reviews for are now locked up because they can't let it go. It's tough, but anything is possible when you have God on your side. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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