Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Juicy J "100% Jucie" review

Juicy J comes in yet again with another sweet piece for all da young gunnas to swag to. Y'all know this ledgend never fails to get the party going with all his tracks. All you need is the proper party favors, and everything will swag like in Track 03- " Beans And Lean" prod. Sonny Digital.

I'm sure at this point there is no denying what Juice gor to offer. He works so much and never fails to disappoint. I have been tuned into everything since I was a little boy. He is a real OG like in Track 14 "Real" prod .South side & 808 Mafia.

Another reason I really respect this award winning artist is he drops alot of knowledge. There are alot of no good females out here that will lie all day long. They have no clue how to be honest people, because it's deeply embedded in their corroded soul to just lie and be bogus. All you can do is relax, and pay attention to what he gotta say in Track 06- "You Knew" prod. Sonny Digital.

I'm trying my best everyday to grow. Sure I'm not that flashy or pretty to look at, but Looks are not everything. There are many quality's about person that trump physical attractive, but many are not able to comprehend. It's all swag tho. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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