Thursday, September 3, 2015

Curren$y's "Cathedral" review

Spitta come's in with a superb short swag for all y'all to relax-n-ride to. He never fails to please,when you listen to him, you will always be happy. Swag! I never go a period without showing some love from above and you won't either when you hear Track 04- "Like Five Duece Four Trey".

What folk don't realize is how impactful Spitta has been to the game. He has one of the most respected and powerful words that control most folk thoughts. You gonna get a lot of knowledge and know what's really $waggin to some rack$ when you hear Track 03-" Gold".

It's really nice when successful artist never sway away from what got em to where they at. It's harm being humble, especially when you have achieved so much and receive so little in return. It's all good because God got our backs, and always returns good deeds with some swag. Everything comes in due time. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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