Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cassandra London's review

Now's da time for you to raise yo hands and give all yo attention to Cassandra London. She is a master's reggae artist that will have you stuck and in love. She is extravagant and estatic with every beat. She is going to be one of the best when it's all said and done. After listening to her, I am an instant fan and you will be to when you hear Track- "So Fresh".

I don't usually write reviews for artist who don't post thier music on a free site, but these tracks are well worth paying for. This is quality music that everybody can vibe to. I was coasting and floating with every joint. She really know how to be poetically lyrical and straight to the point. I was in a trance, and it wouldn't superise me if she has alot of fans. You will be too after you hear Track- " Just Cool".

What I also really like is how she is all about love. There are way too many people out here that will bullshit you into having feelings. It very special when you find that special person that you can trust with your heart. We only on this planet for a short period of time, so why not just find a main that will always have your back. You will know with Track- "I Need Love".

Now, this isn't the usual mixtape that you can download. You have to visit her website and purchase the tracks. I found her on Twitter and I am glad I did. So you should go visit her site and follow her too. Also as me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank-you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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