Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Azealia Banks' "Slay-Z" review

Ya girl Azealia Banks came in and did her thang. If your a fan of turned up house and disco, then you are sure to enjoy this from beginning to end. I was immediately captured by her electric sound. Also she is a prominent lyricist and is giving some sensible messages. It's best that you play this when you relaxing after a hard day of work, because you are gonna chill out with Track 08- "Along The Coast".

This is my first time hearing one of Azealia's Banks work. I remember there was some confusion between her and Iggy Azalea, but they are not same. She is more efficient with her vocals, and is actually spitting some real rhymes. This mixtape has alot of deeply rooted hip hop and night club sounds. It's really nice to hear someone breed those two styles because it's a masterful mix. You are gonna definitely agree when you hear Track 05- "The Big Big Beat".

It is real nice to hear a talented female artist. It's real head to find some that can measure up. We need more sistas out here doing their thing. I really respect strong hard working women, because they are about their business. They not gonna play games and treat you like nothing. It's alot of nothing females out here that just don't care, and will blow off any guy. Well it sucks when it comes back like in Track 06- "Used To Being Alone".

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