Wednesday, April 27, 2016

YoungCoup's " So Slept On" review

Now's the time for everybody to charge up and tune in to ya boi YoungCoup. He is a superstar grinder that is always going higher. This mixtape was a full packed rumble of joy. He did what he he had to do to release this masterpiece. If you don't listen to this, you will be so sleep. I was surrounded with all kinds of fun, by the time was done. You will know it's all good when you hear Track 07- "Feel Ya Cup".

What first caught my attention, was the intro. That was very creative, and took me back to my DBZ days. Alot of artist don't put much effort into making something whitty and thoughtful as their intro. It's dam near the most important, because that is what get's folk attention. Then he able to keep it going strong with every track that follows up. It is rare that an artist would be able say going strong, but he made it happen with Track 02- "What It Is".

Also what I like is his messages. Every verse is quite poetic, and he is telling a story. Not many artist are able to do that, and they just be spitting ramblings on every track. This is how all the verbiage and subjects should be constructed. I do have to say I was not that fond of the cross fading at the end of the tracks. I just feel like it's not necessary to have, but over all this was well crafted and mastered. You will be busting and hustling when you hear Track 08- "Clutching".

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