Monday, May 2, 2016

Maxx Milano's "Serve Or Starve" review

Alright now yall, the head hancho Maxx Milano done came straight in, and all he does is win. This is another one that will have you thinking, and will make you another fan that is feening. It's nice that this mixtape came out, because I had been waiting. He will have you up early going ham and ready to feast with Track 04- "Gotta Eat" prod. DJ Grim.

What's the best about Lano, is he doesn't be on these tracks spitting falseness. Anybody who is woke should be able to tell that everything is authentic. His lyrics are always on point, because it's all real talk. There are way too many rappers out here who just say anything because it sound's nice. That is foul, and more folk should work on their craft and stay grinding like in Track 02- "24/7" ft. Glazey; prod. PoloBoyShawty.

After listening to Maxx, you are gonna have some sensible messages stuck in your head. Life is too short to have to deal with folk bullshit. We all have our own shit, and it's hard enough coming to terms with yourself. It's hard in these streets, and we all have to pull our own weight. That's why it best to stick to all your day one's and make that money like in Track 07- "Hoodrich" prod. Zaytoven.

 Lastly I gotta say, it's nice to see Maxx working with premiere top notch producers. It's special when an artist can flow to any style beat. Reminds me of some Eazy-E. Some can't do that because they don't know how to switch up their style. It's as if he writes his lyrics to go to any beat. That is not easy to do, but if you are able to do it, it is evident that you hustle for that achievement. You gotta be a beast everyday and listen to what he say in Track 06- "Kimbo" prod. Kvng Sean.

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