Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Young LeoNidas' "Farewell" review

Now's the time for everybody to chill out and vibe to ya boi Young LeoNidas. I was immediately impressed with every track. He is a real hustler out here trying to make it big. This was a wonderful piece from begging to end. After listening to this you will assured that he is a beast. You gotta expand you cerebral to really take in the fullness of his flow, and you will be assured to know with Track 03- "Winners Circle".

What I really enjoyed about this mixtape, was how everything connected. It takes alot of grind to create these marvelous rhymes. This was just another piece of evidence that anybody can make magic with a dream and a team. It takes time, but we all will eventually reach the main promise land, all you gotta do is stay working with Track 05- "Trap Phone".

I found LeoNidas on Twitter and got linked to his SoundCloud. I generally don't like to do reviews from SoundCloud, because they don't allow you to download the music for free. You have to sign up for their premium service and pay a monthly fee. That sucks, but I would understand if they was giving every artist their fair share cut, because it is their music. I have no clue if they do profit shares, but if they don't they better start it, or else everybody will do like in Track 01- "Farewell Freestyle".

If any artist out there wishes to have a review just follow me on Twitter @BloggerFrank87, or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Like I said I found him on twitter, and I am greatly thankful that I did. All I ask is that everybody please help my cause and leave that swag donation to my PayPal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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