Monday, October 12, 2015

Soundz's "October" review

Ya boi Soundz comes in with a silky smooth tranquil like mixtape for everybody to chill to. If your a fan of The Weeknd, there is no way you will not enjoy this mixtape. I really like how he ties in the track titles with the entire October Halloween theme. You will know what I mean when you hear Track  04- "Thirtyone" ft. Quentin Miller.

This was very nice to listen to. October usually is a depressing month for some. The fall weather is a sign of winter coming, and the color of the trees and foliage can be dampening. After listening to this you will feel good about yourself, no matter your current situation. This was very well put together and you will agree when you hear Track 05- "Mind Game$" ft. King Los & Sonyae.

One last point I would like to hit, I appreciate his lyrics. He has alot of references to the club lifestyle. It specifically mean strip clubs. I recently tried to conduct business with some strippers, but I came to the realization that those kind of people have no morals. They will say anything and lead you on, just to get some money. I find it amazing that men actually give these lowlife, good for nothing women your hard earned money, just because they walk up to you naked and smile. I have nothing against strippers and tipping them, it's just you would think they would be more appreciative of the fact that they are able to pay their bills by just shaking their ass. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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