Thursday, October 15, 2015

DJ Rell's "The Orange Tape" review

Awe hell yeah! Ya boi DJ Rell's really did his thing on dis mixtape, I had to go back and pay my respects. This came out back in summer, but ever since I have kept it in my library. I keep playing it because it's a great complication of tracks, for all kinds of hot artist to look out for. When something is this good it addactive, like in Track 26- "Dope Dick" by J-Perfect.

Really, this mixtape has alot of hot steamy sextain swaggin in it. That's alright because we all have urges, and if your single like me you know build up can occur. You be so lonely, that you ready to scream and blow at any time. That's why it's nice to have someone special by your side, that won't mind if you released some stress on them, like in Track 27- "50 Pack" by Lynden.

It sucks when you not swaggin with anyone. I can understand why someone would prefer to stay single, because there is alot of bullshitters out here. What sucks more is you do find someone you really like, but they flat out just don't want you. It's like your soul got stabbed, because you starting thinking about a future with that person and all of a sudden you sink into a sea of depression. Then they don't even bother to text or call like in Track 25- "Talk 2 Me" by Gunna.

I find the best way to move on from rejection is to focus yo mind of staying busy. It's no good to lay in bed all day and let those sad thoughts fester. Time heals all wounds and there is always another day, so give thanks. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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