Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BT & Young Dolph's " Kush, Codiene, & Strippers" review

Awe hell yeah, ya boi Dolph came in strong with dis one. He got his honor homie BT swaggin with him. Pleases believe dis one is dabbin with knowledge and fashion. Once I started listening I was like DAM! DIS SHIT COLD!!! This one is better and wetter, and you will lever, when you hear Track 04- "Gucci Purse".

Now what got my attention to dis mixtape, was da raw ass album art. Nothing like a raw ass bich, to swag on ya stick. Y'all know it's cold and lonely out here, nothing like a freak friend dat licks. You know it's legit, like in Track 10- " Freak" ft. King Azz Star; prod. YL On 808s.

I like to do mixtapes for all artist. I remember hearing Young Dolph years ago. He had been dabbing with da Migos for a minuet, and he has came up on some super boss swag. He is doing single shows and touring. Dats raw, and he really getting it like in Track 11- "We Really Live It".

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