Thursday, February 13, 2014

OJ Da Juiceman "Alaska In Atlanta 2" review

ATLANTA SWAGGIN TO DA SWAG SWAG!!! I really enjoy listening to OJ Da Juiceman because he is real. I without a doubt believe everything he spits because he is a swagger dat been swaggin swag before swag was established swag. I will always support him on da swag swag. He doesn't play and gets stoopid paid. U gotta be about your business if you wanna survive & he raps about the truth in Track 09- "Cut Throat" ft. Lil Dre prod. by Frank Castro.

From the first time I watched his MTV Jams hit "I'm Gettin Money" I have always been a fan. I really enjoy that he is real & stays true to what he is about. Alot of niggs don't like him because he fuk wit Gucci but they don't realize that OJ is his own trapper & makes his own cash swag. He didn't need Gucci to get famous but real fuk wit real & that is what happens swag. When you a grinder the universe line itself up to make sure you eventually link up with others like you & I can't wait until I swag with OJ on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I would have listened to this eventually on the swag swag but what really caught my attention was the title. This has been a rough winter for everybody. Atlanta is not used to the cold & snow like us Midwest niggs. I was watching the news & they said there have been times that it was colder in Atlanta then parts of Alaska. They have been all fucked up but it don't stop true hustlers like OJ. When you a grinder you make it happen on da swag swag.

Even though OJ is a drug dealer I really love listening to his music. I don't like that he engages in illegal activity to make his money but he not doing anything any of us wouldn't do if we was in his position. He is rich as all hell & that is all that matters on da swag swag.  I work in a factory & make $8.25 an hour so its evident that I made a foolish decision not selling drugs but I do write these reviews. I hustle hard on this swag swag & if you could click on that donation link & support me it would be greatly appreciated on the swag. swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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