Monday, February 10, 2014

MartysaurusRex's "Year Of The Orange Dinosaur" review

SWAG SWAG!!! Dis mixtape was a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!! I really enjoyed listening to this mixtape because it has a wide variety of beats that I was swaggin to. What I like is how he is able to adjust his rap style to the wide variety of sounds & futuristic space shuttle beeps, as well as a supple amount of jazz swag. SWAG SWAG!!! He really swag sum swag swag on Track 13- "Swaggin" SWAG SWAG!!!

I located this mixtape on twitter through Brandon Marshall , all-star receiver from the Chicago Bears. I just clicked on it and heard the first track & it was swaggin so I said I would write a review. Then I listened to the mixtape & I was like SWAG SWAG!!! This was really nice on da swag swag. What I really enjoyed how MartysaurusRex was able to adjust his rap style to the different tempo of the beats with masterfully crafted lyrics on da swags. He exemplifies his adaptive talents on Track 6- "Point A Point B".

Now I listened to the entire mixtape & wrote all my notes well before I realized that MartysaurusRex was Martellus Bennett, tight-end for the Chicago Bears.  I knew that Brandon Marshall tweeted it but I just thought it was one of his peoples he was looking out for, not one his millionaire teammates. SWAG SWAG!!! What makes this fact interesting is its different hearing a mixtape from someone who already has their finances in order because he plays in the NFL & minimum wage is $900k. Most artist are struggling & its nice hearing a noname rapper that is already famous for something other than selling drugs or doing stupid gangster shit. He plays for the Bears & alot of youth look up to him & I believe the music industry should promote invest in positive role models like him more instead of some street hustler that magically didn't get caught in this trap.

What I do find more interesting is he is a NFL professional & he is on here rapping about smoking marijuana. I'm not going to dance around the subject because he makes it clear & evident on Track 04- "Smoking Section" as well as making numerous mentions through out the mixtape. Now anybody that knows me knows I partake in the herbal remedies & I promote it to the best of my ability, but I do have to say I would not have done that if I was in his position. I'm not that strong of a person. If I was Martellus I would focus on rapping about the dangers he puts his body through for our entertainment. I play football & its a super dangerous sport so I know there is alot of swag he can rap about. Plus Martellus & me play the same position so he like my superhero in Track 7- "SuperHero"

This is an epic move to me because I know how the Bears management & owners can be some major stiffs & they don't like that kind of stuff. What make this such a big deal because I was watching Sports Nation and they said NFL only test players once a year for marijuana once a year. They tell them when they getting dropped. Basically NFL is sending a message to the world that marijuana is totally safe & if someone can't stop for a test they know about to take, then they don't deserve to make millions of dollars on da $wag $wag. Marijuana is basically legal so & the NFL commissioner Rodger Godell says he's in favor of medicinal marijuana so swag swag to da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I play semi-pro football. Well really I haven't played in a few years because you don't get paid in semi-pro & right now I'm focused on getting paid. I have no money & I can't get a job. I had a job interview last week but they didn't call back so I gotta get back on my grind & see what I can find.  It must be nice to be an NFL superstar making millions of dollars. If I had that I would start my own semi-pro league where players would get paid. It wouldn't be much but it would be something which is better than nothing. That's why I write these reviews. I don't get paid from any ad revenue. I just ask my reader for donations. Anything that is given is greatly appreciate on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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