Monday, February 3, 2014

Quality Control Music's "Solid Foundation" reiview

Dis shit was a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. I have no clue what all the people who commented on Datpiff was talking about because dis shit is SWAGGIN!!! SWAG SWAG!!! I mean some of da tracks was previous recording but all of dem was swagggin. SWAG SWAG!!! Track 4- "Rich Nigga Shit" by Rich The Kid prod. Dee Money is a swag swag. Swag.

I gotta say I'm really enjoying everything that is release from the QC crew. All of dem is swaggin some swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!! I know right now the most popular is Migos but I have to say I really enjoy listening to Rich The Kid. I don't really know why I like him so much but he be swaggin & I wanna hear a solo work featuring his swag. He be swag swaggin & I be swaggin so swag swag. R u swaggin mi swag? Well den SWAG SWAG!!! On Track 12- "Water Whip" ft. Chill Will & Dirty Dave, Rich is talking about killing niggas. I mean swag swag to da swag swag. Swag. swag.

I gotta say I'm currently writing this mixtape total high & drunk. I'm drinking out dis flask I purchased for Christmas & I filled it with vodka. I recorded some swag vids on my verified page "ilickass87". I think I'm somewhat becoming an alcoholic because I drink almost every dam day. WOOP swag. swag. Its all swag because alcohol is legal not like the illegal marijuana I inhale. The marijuana wont kill me but the alcohol takes me to a deeper place with every sip swag & I be swing swaggin.

For the most part I enjoyed dis on da swag swag. I mean I really went to work writing this review although I'm fucked up. Most of dem niggas said dis shit sucked on Datpiff but they not swing swaggin so dey dont know how the swag be swaggin. As long as u swaggin den da swag will swag u up swag. SWAG SWAG!!!
Since I don swagged u up wit a review hows bout u swag mi up w/ a minisclual donation swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Thank you swag for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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