Friday, June 24, 2016

Noble In Chains' "King Of All Kings" review

Alright everybody please tune in and give all your attention to ya boi Noble In Chains. He truly knows what it means to be a king, and illustrates it with every track. This is not your regular everyday street thugging mixtape, it's actually more of an intellectually artistic R&B mixtape. He reminds me somewhat of Andre 3000, and this is a true masterpiece from the alpha to the omega. You are gonna instantly be in-tuned to his soul when you hear Track 09- "Timepiece" ft. David Leathers.

What caught my attention was the title of this mixtape. There are so many young men out here that call themselves kings, yet they have no clue what it means to live like a king. A real king treats his woman like a queen, and vise versa. There is this bogus status quo of spending all your time chasing after hoes. Reals kings are not going to waste their time pursing some pheasant thot, who doesn't know how to act proper. He gives it to you straight with Track 06- "Summer Breeze" ft. Sunny.

This mixtape was nothing short of great. This is the kind of mixtape I started this blog for. Every last track is an enjoyable snack for your mind. I wish there was more of a market for someone like this who puts out senseable logical music that helps you progress. Unfortunately all you hear on the radio is poison that is going to have you caught in in all kinds of messed up situations. Just chill out and pay attention to Track 12- "King Me".

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