Friday, June 17, 2016

Maxx Milano's "Medicated 2" review

Ya boi Maxx Milano has done it again, and gave yall something real to play. He comes from the soul with every last lyric, and all yall whack rappers need to sit down and pay attention. It's easy to get on a track and spit some bullshit about a lifestyle that you don't actually live. How about you try spitting about your real life, not some shit you watch on TV. He is giving the blueprint for anyone to grow and gain the clout that is needed to blow, and there is no way you will not know with Track 01- "Apprentice" prod. Memphis Trackboy.

When it comes to being consistent, Maxx is a boss. That is a fact that nobody can debate. I just love playing one of his tapes riding around. Everybody that hears are instant fans, and they always ask me who is that playing. Just imagine if he was to gain to serious mass media exposure, there would be alot of people ready to invest in his craft. The buzz would be statistically stunning, and you will be charged up after you hear Track 04- "Can't Get Enough" prod. Nard & B.

It it real important to remember that we are all out here struggling to survive. It's pretty sad too, because in this day and age most of the bullshit we go through is not necessary. Alot of the stress that we go through is directly influenced by people who purposefully make life hard for their benefit. Alot of people need to be medicated just to manage the daily grind. It's unfortunate that there are some of us who fall to the streets, and Maxx goes deep with Track 05- "Fly High".

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