Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lil Bre's "1997" review

Ya boi Lil Bre came in ready to win with this piece. This artist is something special, and I have been waiting to write this review. With his premier smooth trans like beats and concretely built flow, you will agree that he is pretty cool. He is a future chart banger, so ignoring him would make you a fool. You should give his sound a try and know who he is that guy with Track 04- "Who You Are".

I downloaded this mixtape a few weeks ago. Once I was able to find the time to hear all 20 tracks, I left feeling satisfied and pleased. He has some really nice beats that wont have your head aching afterwards. I do have to say, some of those tracks with the downloaded prerecorded beats was not properly edited and still had the original producers alibis. That is annoying and distracting, and those tracks could have been omitted. Best to just purchase top quality beats, or make your own for free. Lil Bre know what I mean in Track 07- "Get It" ft. Bezzeled Gang Vac.

The original reason I downloaded this mixtape was the album art. That Nintendo 64 controller brought instantly brought back some vivid memories. See, there is nothing wrong with playing games on a gaming system, but some people out here like to play games with other peoples feelings. That's not cool, and when they do that you gotta make some changes like in Track 19- "Changed Up Freestyle" ft. Jo Jo.

I will make sure I am on the lookout for more releases from Lil Bre. He is pretty nice, and the sky is the limit. I really enjoy watching artist grow over time, especially when I get to review em early. As long as you keep grinding anything is possible. If anybody wishes to link with me add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


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