Sunday, February 28, 2016

Famous Dex's "Drippy" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!!! Show some love for ya boi Famous Dex. DJ Shon has done it again and kept this buzz going. It has been a magical year for this guaranteed party starter. He has stepped up to next levels, higher than expected. This is very exciting watching him blow up like this, and everybody should be proud of your boi. He working hard every day and you will know when you hear Track 08- "Rich".

What I really like about Dex, is he has total disregard for giving any kinds of fucks. He will turn up at any moment and have everyone mesmerized. You never know, you could be out shopping, and see him just going ham recording a video. He never fail to bring it on every shoot. This is amazing watching a Chicago rapper stay away from all the bad swag, and rise above. Just know what he saying when you hear Track 06- "Oh Man Got Damn". 

On the last review I wrote for Dex, I said his stuff didn't sound professionally recorded. That is not the case with this mixtape. It appears that he is getting some legit substantial support, as he is now doing shows at all the local clubs. I am always hearing promoting on the radio about shows that he is performing. Now all he has to do is keep going and watch that money stay growing, and he is showing on Track 05- "Drip For A Milli" ft. Pachino. 

I am always willing to show my support for all the unknown artist. This has been a rollercoster ride of a month for me emotionally. Distractions are able to cloud anybody. and important for all of us to stay focused on our ultimate goals. If anybody wishes to have their mixtape reviewed on my blog, email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


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