Saturday, July 4, 2015

King Louie's "Drilluminati 3" review

Alright now King Louie comes in with another swag for all the real savages to swag to. Y'all know what Im saying when I declare that this artist is one of the best that Chiraq has to offer. I have been swaggin with him from his early days and there is no denying why Louie has been so successful. This mixtape lives up to the hype and will having you swaggin all night with Track 07- "Live It Up" ft. Dreezy prod. D Brooks.

This is what I expect from Louie, since I heard the previous "Drilluminati 2". For some odd reason I never got around to write a review for him, but I got around to it eventually. He really gives you the truth about what goes on everyday in this city. Shit is crazy right now and its best to just be cool and stay outta  stupid shit. Just relax and listen to Track 09- " Where I Come From" prod. C Sick.

I really do my best to look out for local artist, but I have been pretty busy making some major changes. It's time to take what I do to the next level and become legit. Right now I'm just blogging, but I plan to become a public author in the future. It's alot that has to happen before everything gets swaggin, but I'm not worried. Just keep visiting and I will keep you intuned, so please enjoy everything I review. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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