Saturday, July 18, 2015

Famous Dex's "Never Seen It Coming" review

Famous Dex teams teams up with DJ Amaris to release another premier swag for all the real folk to vibe to. Yall know I wouldn't suggest that you listen to garbage, so please makes sure that you tune into what Dex gotta say. He will always keep Chi Town niggs coasting and floating when they hear Track 08- "Duh Dummy"prod. G-Town Beats.

What I love the most about home grown artist is they all know how to keep it swaggin. It's just something that happens. We all be on our grown man shit and its all good. Works like this is just a sample of what this city has to offer and you will be witness to the greatness when you hear Track 01- " Your Fault" prod. By Scifi.

I try not to be biased, but I'm always willing to show love to some real niggs that keep it trill. SWAG! Yall know what I'm talking about. I never understand why anybody would not want to listen to what Chiraq has to offer. He always bunking and jumping. SWAG!!! I make sure that yall know how to come up on some serious $wag, and please believe you will when you hear Track 04- "Ring Ring" ft. Ayoo KD.

I have really been grinding and things are looking too good for me. Of course there will be some people that will do their part to try and stop you, but all you gotta do is keep swaggin and everything will swag. All  you gotta do is take care of your loved ones and stay on top of business. Your haters should be your motivators. Just keep swaggin and thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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