Saturday, May 12, 2018

Allen Anderson's review

At this point it's time for me to start back writing reviews. It's been a while but I'm back. I am presenting an artist who made magic with a guitar and meaningful soulful lyrics. Allen Anderson's music opened me up to a new genre of music to vibe out with. He gives it to you straight and will have you wanting more with "Trust In The Lord". 

It took a while for everything to soak in, but each time I listened I found more and more to appreciate. After doing some research, I realized this music takes you back to a time way before I was born. It sounds like some groovy 60's sounds. Back when our government sent thousands of soldiers off to war for no reason. They still do the same today, and it's sad how your average citizen does not realize the sacrifice they are willing to make. Nevertheless, that era had a very specific sound, which Allen gives a proper representation. Trust me once you allow everything to gather, you will enjoy hearing "Alaska". 

I do have to note that the audio quality of the recording was not up to quality standards, but if your able to look past that and tune into what he is saying you will be entranced. Considering all things every thing is pretty descent, he just needs one of you fine dj's to hook him up with a nice mix and master. Once it's cleaned up, anybody will love playing "Love You Baby".

Like I said earlier I find it despicable how your average American Citizen could care less about the troops. If they stopped caring about our safety, there would be all kind of no swag going on. They keep all their actions secret from us because it's not necessary for us to know. All we need to know is we are safe. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



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