Thursday, December 1, 2016

MC Bigfoot's review

Everybody please turn your attention to MC Bigfoot. He is a consistent neurologically brainy spitta, that will have your head going to all kind of spots. In every verse, he is giving alot. You really have to be willing and prepared to comprehend his flow, because he will have you stuck in a state of hypno. He will have you stoned and have you filling like you royality on a throne. You will know how much he will go when you hear Track "Many Sides Of A Sasquatch".

Let me be completely honest. Originally, when I first put this on I was mildly disgusted. It did not sound appealing to the very least. The beats are amazing, but hearing his mythological persistent flow was not enjoyable. At first it sounded like he did not have any lyrical talent, and he was just blabbering out random rhymes. Also it sounded like he had no hooks, and was just giving straight flow on every instrumental. His delivery style is extremely, rapid and you can easily forget. You have to really swag up and get in a different mental stat to fully comprehend, and you will understand what he says on Track "Lines I Jot".

As I continued to listen, I became excitingly enamored with what he was saying. You have to pay attention to decipher the message, because he is going so fast. Please allow yourself to open your mind, then you are able to follow, suddenly it is not so bad. He is giving alot of information, and only a dumbass will not be able to get it. This is clearly some top level information, and if you don't understand you will be hating. You have to listen to everything and then you will be elated with Track "Don't Fuck With The Sasquatch".

Also let me say, he has some premiere beats. I mean seriously, these are masterful beats that any top level artist would be interested in. Only thing constructive I could say, is focus on making more musical hooks. When you first listen, it sounds like he does not have any hooks. It just sounds like straight flow throughout the entire track. That puts a strain on the listener, because it doesn't give them enough time to gather their thoughts. But after I dove deeper, I discovered that there are some hooks. They are not that dressed up or spaced out clearly. It's all good though, because he is spitting alot of really witty ingenious lyrics. Eventually, you start to have alot fun hearing his earful smirky remarks like in Track "Just Spittin".

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