Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Slammerkin's "All The Lasers Are Mine" review

Everybody please give all your attention to ya girls Slammerkin. These two super power sister have a somber style that will satisfy anybody with a soul. These girls know how to intercept every part of your reality, and leave you satisfied with every rhythmic strain. They will have you snapping and clapping with every verse, and there is no way they will not be heard with "Warrior Bitch".

What is really enjoyable is their poetic illustrative lyrics and their electronic dance music vibes. They will leave you in a trance that will leave you appreciatively and rejuvenation pleased. This is the kind of music that you listen to when you are trying to leave planet earth, and explore they universal plane. There is nothing wrong with discovering what a different cosmos has to offer, and you will be taken there with "Stars".

This is not the usual type of artist I review, but nobody who listens to them will be able to say they they did not enjoy. These are the kind of tracks that you hear while watching a featured film. I had alot of fun listening and there is no way you will not share in the pleasure. From beginning to end you will be in ecstasy with what they have offer, and you will know the true meaning of artistry when you hear "So Cruel".

Last but not least, I would like to point out the universal interpretion that every track reviled. We live in a world where your perception is your reality. We are all in our own minds, and we all govern our lives to how we see fit. After listening to this you will have some extra clarity as to how to solve the forever problem that exist, which is how to make something of ourselves. Just do the best you can, and make everything of every day like in "Morning"

Now I just focused on the tracks on their Soundcloud, but they have a new album coming out called "All The Lasers Are Mine". You should make sure to be on the lookout for that. Click the link at the bottom to check out some of their tracks. There is no way you will not be entrapped. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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