Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tazzy M "Preparation 4 Greatness" review

Alright now y'all! Ya boi Tazzy M releases a work that goes straight in. This guy is real talented and has real solid flow. He talking real talk on every Track, and everything is a mac. Y'all know ya boi going ham on everything like on Track-04 "Conquenses"prod. A Rich.

What I really like about this mixtape, was the album art. I was like DAM, he had Bro. Malcolm's photo. Woo! Nice way to represented the Nation. Swag! He doesn't have somebody on there with guns trying to bang. Dat shit stupid, and he cooling with Track 06- " Cake".

Also I must state, I really appreciate everything and everybody that's doing they part to help. I have been working hard to make some big moves, and it takes time. What alot of folk don't realize is nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, and sometimes it's best to just relax and do what it do. You will feel me when you hear Track 02- "Paradise" prod. D.L.B.

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