Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BallDelo's "First Quarter" review

Alright now! Ya boi BallDalo came in too fine and too shine with dis work. I was like DAM dis dude really doing his thing. I really enjoyed listening to these top notch beats, and the tracks was really swaggin to what's really going on in des streets. This is a real hustler that takes care of business everyday, and you will feel what I say when you hear Track 03- "All The Money".

I have to point out how much this guy uses autotunes. I'm not hating on the autotune dab, it's just there is some artist who abuse it and use it way too much. That doesn't make any sense, because most people want to hear your real voice. It's alright to use sparingly, but when you go in on every track it can be a no swag. It's alright though because BallDelo really does his thang and does it proper with Track 05- "Alright" ft. RayV33zy.

This mixtape was sent to me directly on Snapchat. If any artist out there wishes to have one of there mixtape reviewed for free, just add me. My Snapchat id is greatfrank87. Also you can email me at I do my best not to hate, and I really apprecaite all the grinding artist. I'm doing the same making boss moves everyday to grow bigger. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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