Saturday, August 29, 2015

Migos' "Young Rich Nation" review

Yall know what it is. Another swagged out piece from da boys from da south that spit da magic out dey mouth. This is defiantly up to par with what they continue to do on a regular biases. I expect nothing less from these guys and neither should you. You will know who is bossing when you hear Track 03- "Dab Daddy".

Now let me be 100. I have been vibing with these guys for a good whiles now. It's at a point now where I am not shocked or astonished because this is what these guys do. It's just part of there natural selves. These are some young brothers that will never fail to please because they are some kings and you will believe when you hear Track 04- "Spray The Champagne".

Now I'm about to really be 100. The only thing that does disappoint me is there apparent stunt in their growth. I don't mean in physical height, I'm talking about their overall rise. This was suppose to be an official album, but I can't purchase it in the stores. I'm listening to this on soundcloud.  Sure you do hear them on the radio occasionally, but these guys need to be played like Drake. It's been years now that I have been enamored by their talent, but talent isn't enough. You gotta get help from outside sources to keep growing. You will know what it is when you hear Track 05- "Street Nigga Sacrifice".

I'm learning this lesson of growing myself. I'm always trying to do things myself, and very little has changed. I'm still virtually broke, writing reviews for free. Sure I got a job, but it doesn't pay shit. No swag. I'm still going because I'm still alive and have no choice but to fight to survive. Everything takes time and I'm pretty patient. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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