Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jay-One's "Reinvention Of Self" review

Alright now here goes an proper artist for all of yall to vibe to. I had this mixtape in my library for some time now, and I been swaggin. I really appreciate being introduced to a work of this quality. His rymhes and beats are one point, and he will get anybody in the mood to swag with joints like Track 05- "Lay It Down".

I have to be honest, I been listening to this mixtape for some time now. It took a while for me to actually tune in and hear what Jay had to say, but once I did it was really swaggin. I get request from some artist that make horrible music, but this one had me all enamored because he really goes in and doesn't hold back. If you don't mind hearing about raunchy descriptive sex, then you will be sure to play Track 07- "Role Play".

Another reason I like this mixtape because of the title. As we grow older everybody goes through changes and find's ways to reinvent one's self. It takes times to get rid of bad habits and accept new good one. I'm trying to grow blogging and find ways to financially support myself. Trying to get out of Moms house and get my own place like in Track 08- "I Got My Own"

Another thing I been wanting to reinvent is my body. I have been working out and more healthy. I will be starting a new fitness blog soon so please be on the lookout. I don't write reviews as much, but I am always willing to listen to anybodies mixtape. Just email me the link to Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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